Spinifex Healthy Country Plan Review

In the southeastern corner of Western Australia, the Spinifex Rangers have reviewed their progress and overall plan for the third time, adjusting of the objectives, indicators, and activities contained in the plan as needed.

Developed in 2015, the Spinifex Healthy Country Plan recognises 8 targets, 10 threats and is implementing 10 projects to strengthen the targets and reduce the threats, including strategies to enhance capacity, project management and exploring joint management with the local Parks agency.

Where minor (or major!) implementation issues are found, the wording is first reviewed to ensure the validity of the original intent, and if changing this is insufficient, recommendations are made to improve methods to achieve the desired outcomes, plan and eventual vision.

Over 1,366 indigenous people have worked on 123 different activities since the plan was started, thus review is critical to ensuring that the outcomes are valuable.

Major on-ground activities have been controlling the invasive buffel grass and camels, children learning from Elders, checking and repairing waterholes and soaks and patrolling Parks and Reserves.

Tjuntjuntjara Elder


After two years, 58% of the planned activities are on track.