Survey to update CS

Please take 5 minutes of your time to fill out this very short survey to give your input on what key topics you would like to see addressed in version 4.0 of the Open Standards.

A group of CMP and CCNet representatives are starting up a working group on this topic. We will be holding a session at the CCNet Rally in Australia. If you are there, please join us. And if you cannot be there but want to be involved in the working group, just let us know in the survey.

The Open Standards will, as always, continue to be a high-level document that lays out general principles and best practices for doing good adaptive management. Any new revisions or updates will be at a fairly general level.

However, any revisions that CMP (official curator/keeper of the Open Standards) agrees upon will then likely require a set of more detailed guidance (existing and/or new). Members of the OS community are actively encouraged to produce that guidance.