From Great Conversation to Great Conservation – Bat Conservation International (USAID – Effectiveness of Enterprises as a Conservation Strategy) (2018)

From Great Conversation to Great Conservation, the Bat Conservation International entry gained an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Case Study Competition.

Key lessons learned by Bat Conservation International were that they benefited from the OS by:

  • Providing a rapid transition from training to actual work;
  • Improving a shared understanding of their conservation situation;
  • Increasing staff alignment and morale among cross-organizational teams, and;
  • Leading the way for incorporating accountability and rigor.

The judges thought that the approach

  • Was an impressive effort for the whole organization
  • Demonstrates that the OS can be deployed across an organization with sufficient management will and adequate funding
  • Is a great example of learning by doing through training process.
  • Was particularly well presented

However, as the case study was focused on steps very early in the process of OS implementation, it did not include specific adaptive management actions taken.

Bracken Cave Preserve – the “World’s Largest Bat Colony”. Photo Credit: Bat Conservation International

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