The Road Traveled in Chile: Winner Case Study Competition 2018

The inspiring Road Traveled in Chile:Lessons and Challenges in Strengthening Adaptive Management in a National System of Protected Areas won the 2018 Case Study Competition handsomely.

Click here for the entry showing how the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF):

  • Used the Open Standards as the basis for a Manual for the Planning of the Protected Areas
  • Seeks to ensure direct links between management plans and annual activities
  • Successfully built the capacity to train more than 100 staff
  • Included the participation of local stakeholders in local planning
  • Integrated the monitoring of indicators of goals and objectives
  • Identified “Flag Strategies” for highly visible, socially important targets to strengthen support for the processes

Judges thought that this highly inspiring project:

  • Showed good implementation of Open Standards at multiple scales
  • Set the context of the project well
  • Gave an excellent overview of the issues involved in making OS the core planning process and changing organizational culture

Chilean protected area staff celebrating! Photo Credit: CONAF