Recipes for Conservation: A Conservation Standards Toolkit (2024)

This draft “Toolkit” provides a series of “recipes” for “lighter” Conservation Standards (CS) approaches to different scenarios that teams typically encounter. The recipes link to tip sheets that offer practical ideas for how to develop key CS products using a lighter approach. The Toolkit and associated products are part of CMP’s Lighter Conservation Standards Initiative, which seeks to answer long-standing community requests for lighter, more accessible ways to get involved with the Conservation Standards.

The full CS provides you with the best recipe for project management. However, teams don’t always have the time and resources needed, so this Cookbook shares some alternatives to help you with your cooking!

This is a work in progress, so keep checking back for updates!

Audience: Experienced coaches supporting conservation teams

Please also check out the Scenarios for Lighter CS Summary Spreadsheet, these Examples & Resources: CS Toolkit, and this overview video.

Citation: Foundations of Success. 2024. Recipes for Conservation: A Conservation Standards Toolkit. Working Draft, Phase 1. Accessed [ADD DATE].