Territory Natural Resources Management (~2005, 2010-2020)

This case study shows the evolution of a management plan through several iterations using the Open Standards.

One of 56 organizations spanning Australia, Territory Natural Resources Management (TNRM) picked up on the Open Standards in 2014.

Their first two iterations, the 2005 plan and the 2010 plan, proved difficult to implement, so they turned to the OS to help structure planning, implementation and review, beginning with a review of the 2010 plan.

The plan, encompassing almost 1.4 million square km (17.5%) of Australia, sought to:

  • Guide and prioritise investments and activities in natural resources management (NRM) in the Northern Territory
  • Monitor and evaluate progress at a broad scale
  • Show collective impact of NRM investment in the NT

As can be imagined, working across such a huge area, with diverse issues, threats and partners, implementing the plan is a mammoth undertaking.

Thus the focus in the 2016 – 2020 plan was to:

  1. Identify & prioritise key strategies that should be targeted for investment
  2. Develop strategies for greater collaboration, clearer direction and more efficient delivery of NRM.
  3. Build a commitment to ongoing review and adaptive management.

Each plan developed is structured as an overview across the entire area, with sub-plans focusing on the four regions. We have included the Territory-NRM-Top-End sub plan here.

In line with the OS step 5: building a culture of review, the 2016 plans were reviewed more or less immediately, with the result published in 2018.

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