Conservation Standards / Healthy Country Planning Workshop (Jan-Feb 2022)

Registrations are open for an online Conservation Standards / Healthy Country Planning workshop focusing on the diverse Liffey Valley, adjacent to the Tasmanian Wilderness WHA.

Using a well-proven learning approach, this intensive course will give you a good understanding of how these tools can be directly used in your own work.

  • Who: The course is delivered under the Protected Areas Collaboration for Learning and Research with Conservation Management, and the University of Tasmania
  • Where: The course will be held virtually using platforms such as Zoom and Miro through 10 x 3-hour sessions.
  • When: The course will be delivered between January 31st 2022 – February 11th 2022.
  • Cost: Total Cost: $1,650.00 (inc. GST). Deposit $330 (inc. GST) payable on registration. The deposit becomes non-refundable if cancellation occurs after the 14th January, 2022.

Register here.