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EventsMarch 2021
February 23, 2021

March 2021 Events

List of all March events.
CS TrainingsPast CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

CCNet Europe Multi-Team Workshop (October 2019)

Europe – Multi-team workshop in the UK – October 20-25, 2019: The European Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet Europe) and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust organized a Multiple Team Workshop for conservation…
CS TrainingsPast CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

Systematic Planning to Improve Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation and Management (September 2019)

North America – USA, Reno, Nevada. September 29, 2019 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm: This course was hosted by The Wildlife Society, with support from the Military Lands Working…
CS TrainingsPast CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

NaturePlan Short Course at ICCB 2019 (July 2019)

Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. July 20-21, 2019. NaturePlan’s Andrew Bridges taught a 2-day Open Standards short course at the International Congress on Conservation Biology, University of Nottingham.  20 students from…
CS TrainingsPast CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

Introductory Conservation Standards Online Training (August 2020)

Twenty four practitioners from eleven countries participated in this introductory course offered through the Center for Wildlife Studies. The course focused primarily on Steps 1 and 2 of the Conservation Standards,…
CS TrainingsPast CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

Introductory Conservation Standards Training (July 2020)

Colorado, USA | This two-day introductory training on the Conservation Standards was delivered at the North American Congress on Conservation Biology. Here is a short story on the training
CS TrainingsPast CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

Advanced Online Conservation Standards Training for Practitioners in Chile (July-October 2020)

Twenty-seven conservation practitioners from Chile participated in a 12-week advanced online Conservation Standards training, in Spanish. The training is hosted by Chile’s Ministry of the Environment in partnership with the Wildlife…
CS TrainingsUpcoming CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

Conservation Essentials: Vital Skills for Implementing and Managing Conservation Projects (May 2021)

Conservation Essentials is the first in a series of courses providing training on the later steps of the Conservation Standards. Focused on Step 3, this course targets conservation practitioners and graduate students with prior…
CS TrainingsUpcoming CS Trainings
February 18, 2021

Center for Wildlife Studies – CS Training Opportunity (May 2021)

Announcing an online Conservation Standards training opportunity!  This fun and highly interactive introductory course is offered through the nonprofit Center for Wildlife Studies and will focus primarily on Steps 1 and 2. The…
Case studies
August 24, 2020

Vote for the 2020 Case Studies – Learn from Your Colleagues!

VOTE HERE We had a very strong group of entries for the 2020 Conservation Case Study Competition! Our panel of judges have narrowed the case studies down to the top 5…
July 13, 2020

Conservation Standards 4.0 Now in Portuguese!

The Conservation Measures Partnership is excited to announce that Version 4.0 of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation is now available in Portuguese, marking the first translation of…
March 24, 2020

2020 Conservation Case Study Competition

Earn a travel award while helping others learn from your conservation work! This competition seeks to promote cross-organizational, cross-project, and cross-coach/practitioner learning about good conservation practices.Submit your entry! Follow these instructions to submit your…
February 27, 2020

Version 4.0 of the Conservation Standards Is Here!

Conservation Measures Partnership is pleased to release version 4.0 of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation! This version of the Conservation Standards (our new shorthand name) is the culmination of…
December 7, 2019

A Fresh Take on Your Essential Conservation Tools!

You asked for a fresh and collaborative way to design and manage your conservation work, and the Miradi Team listened. They paired with usability experts to update Miradi and created…
January 9, 2019

Korean translation of OS v3.0 now available

The Open Standards have now been translated into 9 languages!  The latest translation for Korea was released today Many thanks to the hard work of the contributors: Jeong Eun (Anya)…
December 14, 2018

Conservation audit tool ready for use

This Conservation audit tool is designed to assess and evaluate conservation programs against industry standard best design to help the audited project adopt better adaptive management. Developed and refined for…
Complementary materials
September 6, 2018

Operationalizing the Open Standards

This is an excellent guide that explains how to use Open Standards’ supporting systems - Miradi and Miradi Share - to manage project information. In particular, it provides guidance on…
August 4, 2018

Open Standards v3.0 now available in Persian

The Open Standards (v3.0) is now available in Persian and have now been translated into ten languages for practitioners across the globe. A big shout out to Banafshe Razzaghi for…
July 16, 2018

Open Standards v3.0 now available in Albanian!

Thanks to Ermelinda Mahmutaj and the financial support of the Conservation Measures Partnership, the Open Standards (v3.0) have been translated into Albanian. The Albanian translation can be downloaded here.
Case studiesNews
May 9, 2018

2018 Case Study Competition Winners!

The inspiring Road Traveled in Chile:Lessons and Challenges in Strengthening Adaptive Management in a National System of Protected Areas won the 2018 Case Study Competition handsomely.
May 8, 2018

Open Standards 3.0 now available in Russian

Thanks to Stella Mercurio for the translation and Tohir Pallaev for the final design, the Conservation Standards 3.0 in Russian is now available.  This is the sixth language for the…
Case studiesNews
April 22, 2018

Forum to share learning of OS in Laos

Delegates from government, NGOs, funding bodies and private firms shared their learning about implementing the Opens Standards in six different protected areas in Laos, April 2018. Organized by the five…
Case studiesNews
April 10, 2018

Vote for 2018 Case Studies! Learn from Your Colleagues!

Voting form here We had some great submissions to the 2018 Open Standards Case Study Competition! Our judges have narrowed down 5 cases that best meet the outlined criteria. Now,…
Case studiesNews
March 15, 2018

Theory of change: study of successful use in Laos

A theory of change that direct incentives to villages and others can reduce the threat of wildlife hunting and increase the populations of wildlife was tested over four years in…
March 11, 2018

Survey to update OS

Please take 5 minutes of your time to fill out this very short survey to give your input on what key topics you would like to see addressed in version…
March 6, 2018

Powerful study results

For folks looking to make big differences in their organizations and the planet, Annette Stewart's Fulbright scholarship results are required reading. In Annette's Toolkit, she lays out how the Open…
February 3, 2018

Version 3 of the Open Standards now in Spanish

Thanks go to Armando Valdés-Velásquez and Arianna Basto-Eyzaguirre for translating the Version 3 update of the Open Standards to Spanish. Thanks also to CMP for funding this work. This translation…
Case studiesNews
January 15, 2018

2018 Global Adaptive Management Case Study Competition

Help others learn from your conservation work and improve their conservation efforts! And earn a travel award while you are at it! This competition seeks to collect and share cases studies…
January 9, 2018

Open Standards v3.0 now translated into Albanian

Albanian is the 8th language that the Open Standards have been translated into, representing a fantastic spread of knowledge and shared passion for conservation. A huge thank you goes to…
Case studies
September 10, 2017

Spinifex Healthy Country Plan Review

In the southeastern corner of Western Australia, the Spinifex Rangers have reviewed their progress and overall plan for the third time, adjusting of the objectives, indicators, and activities contained in…
August 24, 2017

Open Standards v3.0 now translated into French

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Lauriane Besse Streit - and no doubt many late nights - the Open Standards (v3.0) has now been translated into French. This follows the…
July 30, 2017

Open Standards now translated into Portuguese

With help from the Conservation Measures Partnership, Gustavo Gatti has translated the Open Standards (v3.0, 2103) into Portuguese. This has been an arduous labor of love, but the result is…
July 18, 2017

Biodiversity Managers’ Network Forum – Melbourne, Australia – 4th May 2017

The Victorian Biodiversity Managers’ Network in Australia held a forum based around the Open Standards in May 2017 to expose people in the biodiversity management industry to the utility of…
June 19, 2017

Project Management for Wildlife Conservation: V2.0

Following on the success of the first edition of Project Management for Wildlife Conservation, WildTeam has released an updated version 2.0, which is available here. WildTeam - a not for…
March 17, 2017

New Excel online workbook used to develop freshwater CAP for Nevada

TNC’s Nevada staff used a new Excel Online CAP Workbook developed by veteran coach Greg Low to develop a statewide Conservation Action Plan (CAP) for Nevada’s freshwater ecosystems (see here…
March 11, 2017

Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands

In April 2016, a two day workshop to introduce the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to the Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands Landscape Conservation Cooperative (ABSI) was run…
Case studiesNews
January 16, 2017

Winners of 2016 Open Standards Case Study Competition

Ten excellent entries were received and narrowed down by the judges to five case studies, which were then voted on via crowd sourcing. Congratulations go to case study competition winner,…
Case studies
November 30, 2016

Vote for Case Studies! Learn from Your Colleagues!

Our judges have narrowed down 5 cases that best meet the criteria outlined in the Open Standards Case Study Competition. Now, we need your help to select the top 3. This…
October 8, 2016

New USAID Biodiversity Programming How-To Guides

The USAID E3/Forestry and Biodiversity Office has released three USAID Biodiversity Programming How-To Guides: 1) Developing Situation Models; 2) Using Results Chains to Depict Theories of Change; and 3) Defining Outcomes and…
Case studiesNews
September 7, 2016

CMP-CCNet Case Study Competition

The Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) are jointly launching a competition for Adaptive Management Case Studies: Are you managing a conservation project? Are you willing to…
August 17, 2016

Australian CCNET Muster

Adelaide Zoo was the fitting venue for 25 Australian conservation practitioners who met early August to better suit the Open Standards to Natural Resource Management (NRM) planning, share innovations and…
August 17, 2016

Miradi features on DEVEX

US-based international development forum DEVEX has featured an article in their "data-driven" series on "5 things to know before diving into data-driven decision-making" saying: Get started now and keep it…
August 9, 2016

Version 2.0 of Threats and Actions Classification Available

CMP members have officially approved an updated version of its Threats and Actions Classifications! Published in 2008 in Conservation Biology, the IUCN-CMP Threat and Action Classifications (Version 1.0) have been…
Case studiesNews
July 26, 2016

CMP-CCNet Case Study Competition – Deadline Extended to 15 Sept!

The Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) are jointly launching a competition for Adaptive Management Case Studies: Are you managing a conservation project? Are you willing to…
July 18, 2016

Australia – Healthy Country Planning / Open Standards Training – October 2016

Registrations have been extended until 26 August for a five-day Healthy Country Planning Open Standards Workshop in the stunning Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory from October 31 to…
July 14, 2016

Human Wellbeing Guidance Version 2.0 Available!

Members of CMP's Human Wellbeing Working Group are pleased to share an update version of CMP's human wellbeing guidance! This update is based on 3.5 years of applying the concepts…
June 23, 2016

Mongolian translation of the Open Standards now available.

For a Protected Area training in the Open Standards held in in Mongolia in 2015, a Mongolian guidance version of the Open Standards (v2.0) was developed. This guidance has been…
Complementary materialsNews
April 16, 2016

WildTeam’s new manual for project management

WildTeam, a not for profit with the aim of protecting the rapidly disappearing natural assets of Bangladesh, have created an OS inspired approach called Project Management for Wildlife Conservation. This…
April 16, 2016

Conservation by Design 2.0

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has released a set of three documents detailing their latest version of the Open Standards: Conservation by Design 2.0. It comprises the core document Conservation by…
April 16, 2016

Mongolia adopts the Open Standards for its protected areas

After a long gestation, the Mongolian Department of Protected Areas Management has adopted the Open Standards to manage their network of protected areas that covers more than 30% of the…

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The Conservation Standards is the product of inputs, field tests, and discussions among members of the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), which has final editorial authority over the Conservation Standards. Substantial input was also provided by members of the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and other CMP partners.

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The biodiversity conservation community is tackling large, complex, and urgent environmental problems where the stakes are high. However, we don’t have a fully functional system to assess the effectiveness of our actions. Without more rigorous measurement of effectiveness and disciplined recording of our efforts, we cannot know or demonstrate that we are achieving desired results.

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