Third Place (Tie) Case Study Competition 2020: Conservation and Adaptive Management Strategies for Chile’s National System of Protected Areas (SNASPE)

In Chile, the Conservation Standards were used to evaluate protected areas (PAs) across an entire country.

Chile manages its PAs through its National System of Protected Areas (SNASPE). In 2015, in order to improve the SNASPE, Chile began using all the stages of the Conservation Standards.

Improving the SNASPE had the potential to help the staff of 83 PAs plan for and address a host of threats. The staff of all 83 PAs, using the common language of the Standards, prioritized threats to focus on, outlined strategies (and annual activities) to reduce those threats, and annually reevaluated which threats and strategies to prioritize.

CONAF staff celebrating!

CONAF staff celebrating! Photo Credit: CONAF.

This case illustrates how the Conservation Standards can be used by diverse environmental organizations (and, in this case, a nationwide network) to implement and evaluate a wide range of activities to address multiple threats.

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