Conservation Business Process Model (2017)

This is a great resource for M&E staff or other “integrators” in small to medium-sized organizations that are playing a support role to projects and programs. It provides them with an understanding of how to improve workflows across their organizations, why it is important to do so, and why it is important to invest in processes and technology to support the conservation workflow, the core of its business. This is important information to get decision-makers in an organization to help them understand the value of the Open Standards and supporting technologies. The concepts in the document are excellent, but the overall guide could be improved by the use of more examples.

Here is the link to the document, which is part of a comprehensive set of documents penned by Annette Stewart as part of her 2016 Fullbright Scholarship. See below for access to the complete set of reports via the Roadmap.

Full citation

Stewart (2017) Conservation Business Process Model. Why the Open Standards and supporting technology are critical for an effective conservation organisation. Fulbright Scholarship, Melbourne Australia.

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