Conservation by Design 2.0 Guidance Document (V1.0) (2016)

TNC presents this guidance as an evolution in the conservation approach of the Conservancy and the Open Standards more generally. It is centered on four topics: 1) explicit consideration of linkages between people and nature, 2) design interventions focused on creating systemic change, 3) integration of spatial planning with the development of new conservation strategies, and 4) robustly drawing upon and building the evidence base for conservation.

This guide raises some important issues that are sometimes implicit or not directly addressed in the Open Standards and existing guidance. High-level ideas, such as focusing on systematic change, are sound. However, the guide is overly detailed, complex, and sometimes difficult to follow. It confuses widely agreed-upon terms and concepts that the Open Standards community has worked hard to define and clarify. The complexity and lack of clarity will likely make this guidance difficult to implement in practice.


Full Citation: The Nature Conservancy (2016). Conservation be Design 2.0, Guidance Document Version 1.0. TNC, Arlington, USA

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