Conservation Capability Maturity Model (2018)

The Conservation Capability Maturity model provides a very useful framework for assessing institutional capacity and effectiveness, especially regarding the key processes involved in the practice and management of conservation work. The model provides a scorecard format for identifying where an organization is on key processes (e.g., strategic planning, information management, learning and sharing) and what it would need to do to move to the next level (if relevant). The model draws heavily from the business sector – there is much to learn from this sector, but conservation practitioners should carefully consider their organizational context when applying some of the approaches and concepts described, as decision making across program portfolios in the conservation world can be quite complex.

Here is the link to the document, which is part of a comprehensive set of documents penned by Annette Stewart as part of her 2016 Fullbright Scholarship.  See below for access to the complete set of report via the Roadmap.

Full citation

Stewart (2018) Conservation Capability Maturity Model: A tool for assessing and improving performance of conservation organisations. Fulbright Scholarship, Melbourne Australia.

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