CMP Cross-organisational Learning: Framing Nature-based Solutions (2021)

This report was developed using a collaborative learning approach, including a desktop review, interviews with key people working in the Nature-based Solutions (NbS) space and engagement with the CCNet and CMP network. The desktop review included identifying key NbS stories and case studies that demonstrate the values and show cost benefits.

Key resources for further reading are listed in Appendix 3. Interviews were conducted with a selection of key stakeholders globally to understand why they use a NbS approach and how it adds value to the outcomes of their projects, see Appendix 4. The key stakeholders selected were chosen in discussion with the CMP Board, though not all were available to be interviewed, given the short timeframes for the project (4 months). Standard questions were used to conduct semi-structured interviews, see Appendix 5. Particular focus was placed on engaging with CMP and/or CCNet members in the process, including reaching out to CCNet and CMP via email, presenting to the November 2021 CCNet Rally, which included a breakout session to elicit feedback on key questions.

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