Open Standards for Nature Conservation (2015)

Description: This booklet was produced to facilitate the use of Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (OS) in the preparation of the 6th Regional Nature Reserve Management Plan for Tour du Valat. It was designed to help the (French-speaking) manager of that process, with a coach, to acquire a good understanding of the Open Standards and apply them, along with the methodology of the Nature Reserves of France.

It derives from the online course ( ), from various technical guides and also includes some information on using the software Miradi.

It makes make accessible to French managers the content of these more advanced technical documents than the basic methodological booklet. Steps 1 and 2 of the Open Standards have been translated, compiled and adapted from different citations.

It is recommended that this booklet is used in conjunction with the Open Standards themselves (including version 2.0 available in French at:

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