Population, Health and Environment (PHE): An Integrated Approach to Conservation (2021)

The purpose of the PHE Learning Initiative was to improve CMP’s and, more broadly, the conservation sector’s understanding of PHE and its value to biodiversity conservation, to identify barriers that prevent uptake of this type of approach, and to identify recommended actions the PHE community and others can do to remove those barriers. Specific objectives were to:

  1. Provide clarity for CMP and similar conservation-focused organizations and actors on PHE and its value to conservation;
  2. Identify barriers to PHE adoption by CMP members and other similar organizations.

The purpose of this report is to present key findings from the CMP-Moore PHE Learning Initiative. In this report, we summarize the learning process, provide a working definition of PHE, present two related Theories of Change, highlight important barriers to organizational adoption of PHE, and make recommendations for future action.

All final materials of this CMP Collaborative Learning Initiative can be found on the CMP workspace.

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