Proyecto Titi: Adaptive Management for Cotton-top Tamarins (2018)

Using an Adaptive Management Approach to Expand Efforts to Save Cotton-top Tamarins in Northwest Colombia, by Proycto Titi won second place in the 2018 Case Study Competition.

Key lessons arising from the case study were:

  • Good adaptive management was shown by seizing a chance to expand work thanks to a post-conflict era in Colombia
  • Demonstrates value of methodical approach to replication of lessons learned
  • Shows how to maximize buy-in by involving multiple team members and key stakeholders

Judges thought that the team seized the opportunity presented by a newfound peace in Colombia to expand its work to new locations, using the Open Standards to adapt planning and apply lessons learned from their first project site.

Concerted efforts were made to involve every team member and critical stakeholders in the planning process  allowing Proyecto Titi to modify strategies to make them more efficient and to gather data on the ground to adapt decision-making.

Photo Credit: Lisa Hoffner