Standardized Classification of Threats to Biodiversity: Definitions for Quebec’s Conservation Data Centre (CDC) v1.0 (2021)

Collaboratively developed by partners from Quebec, Canada and beyond, this resource builds off of CMP’s threats classification to provide a more detailed, third-level classification, and will provide several benefits :

  • Offers a more detailed and practical classification of threats to biodiversity than existing versions;
  • Facilitates the classification of threats due to inclusions and exclusions provided in the entry descriptions as well as several examples;
  • The terminology avoids technical and local terms in order to facilitate its’ implementation regardless of the localization;
  • It is available in English and French, which promotes the exchange of data between English or French speaking organizations and administrations;
  • The development of this classification results from numerous partnerships and extensive peer-reviewed process, thus increasing its robustness and the amount of organizations sharing it as a common language. Several organizations have already adopted it!

As the authors mentioned in the conclusion of the document, while no conceptual representation can perfectly reflect the complexity of the real world, the improvement of our tools to identify, name and share data on threats to biodiversity will allow us to refine our understanding and promote the identification of conservation priorities.

Citation: MINISTERE DES FORETS, DE LA FAUNE ET DES PARCS (2021). Standardized Classification of Threats to Biodiversity – Definitions for Quebec’s Conservation Data Centre (CDC) v. 1.0, Gouvernement du Québec, Québec, 25 p.

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