Strategic Plan for Painted Dog Conservation (2011)

Penned in 2011, the Painted Dog Conservation Strategic Plan uses the Open Standards to achieve species conservation in almost flawless detail.

The document steps through targets, viability, threats and situation analysis to set the plan up.

Goals and indicators are defined, then results chain developed for each of the chosen strategies, followed by a operations plan and monitoring plan.

Although quite a ‘dry’ document, it is an excellent example of the power of the Open Standards.

Subsequently, the organisation has carried out much of the work, which can be viewed on their website.

This work is proving successful, with the species slowly being brought back from the brink of extinction across much of its range.

Hwange is one the last strongholds of painted dog population in Zimbabwe and Africa, with a total number of individuals upwards of 160 — and rising, thanks to conservation efforts of Painted Dog Conservation

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