Yourka Reserve Case Study (2018)

Bush Heritage Australia, with their Yourka Reserve – A Unique Tropical Savanna Ecosystem came third in the 2018 Case Study Competition.

Key lessons gleaned in this case study were:

  • Don’t let lack of knowledge impede action – focus initially on threat mitigation until better information is gathered about target health
  • As information becomes better known, use the adaptive management process to update targets, threats, objectives, and threat ratings
  • Use volunteers to help fill resource gaps

The judges saw this case study:

  • As a good example of full cycle adaptive management – adaptation of targets, goals, threats, objectives over time as more knowledge became available
  • Compelling use of dashboards to show progress on key threats and targets
  • Innovative progress in rolling up indicators across the BHA reserve portfolio.

Use of scorecard to give a quick sense of progress with target health and threat reduction. Photo Credit: Wayne Lawler.

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