Healthy Country Planning (~2019)

Healthy Country Planning is an adaptation of the Open Standards developed for use in participative and cross-cultural situations – typically with Indigenous communities. To better enable this, the language of the OS has been translated into simpler terms, a colour coding system adopted and a flow chart of how all the steps fit together added for clarity.

It has been developed and tested across Australia, and the most experienced coaches in its use are Australian, but it has been used very successfully in the Americas and Asia. It is suggested that only experienced coaches use HCP as it does require adaptation of the exact meaning of terms, and furthermore, blurs the clarity of some other terms

The complete set of powerpoint files and associated exercises for running an HCP training workshop can be accessed below.

See also CCNet’s Indigenous Community of Practice for further information.

Open Standards v4.0 and HCP circles compared

Open Standards v4.0 and HCP circles compared

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